In our gallery you will find authentic creations executed in all kinds of techniques and styles by emerging and renowned national artists.

C. Trueba is a self-taught artist who stands out for her creativity and connection with conscious art. She is specialized in painting in acrylic, gouache and watercolor. We will discover the feeling for art by the hand of the expressionist painter V. Beneyto through his creations in mixed technique (acrylic / oil and synthetic).

In printmaking we will find the exclusive women’s collection by the renowned Spanish graphic artist L. González who created a print run of 75 copies of each piece in 2005. We can discover some of the engravings on fabric, canvas or paper by the Aragonese artist L. Torres.

Digital art offers a new world of sensations; through these artworks we want to show you the purest and most abstract creations using digital techniques from the vision of the artist A. Sánchez.

J.M. Tos is a renowned Valencian ceramic craftsman with more than 40 years of activity. He amazes us with three woenderful exclusive collections of hand-painted ceramic plates in honor of the three great Valencian msaters of the 19th century: J. Sorolla, B. Ibáñez and Maestro Serrano.

Oil painting is represented by artists of great tradition such as I. Trelis, A. Muñoz, J. Seguí or J.M. Tos.