Exclusive collections of hand painted plates by master ceramics craftsman J.M. Tos in honor of the most influential musical, literary and pictorial works of the early twentieth century in the Valencian region.

Jose Calixto Serrano Simeón (Maestro Serrano), 1873-1941
Musician and composer by profession. He is especially remembered for being the author of numerous highly successful zarzuelas.

In Valencia he is especially remembered for writing the Valencian Anthem in 1909.

From 1900 on, he began a eventful career being especially recognized for his numerous zarzuelas and lyrical works, some of them achieved an overwhelming success.

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 1867-1921
Valencian writer, journalist and politician, recognized worldwide for his Valencian contemporary customs novels, but also for the work he developed in social, psychological, evocative and war works.

In the years of political activism he wrote his best-known novels: Arroz y tartana (1894), Flor de mayo (1895), La barraca (1898), Entre naranjos (1900), Cañas y barro (1902), La Catedral (1903), El intruso (1904), La bodega (1905), La horda (1906), making up the author’s best literary period.

Blasco Ibáñez became wealthy thanks to his books, and not only because he became the most widely read European writer of his time, but also because Hollywood adapted many of his stories to the big screen as early as the 1920s.

Joaquín Sorolla, 1863-1923
One of the most important Valencian painters, among the best Spanish painters in history. With more than 2,200 cataloged works, he stood out for his characteristic impressionist, post-impressionist and luminist style, so much so that he came to be considered “the greatest Spanish impressionist” or “the Spanish master of light“. He was able to transmit such an iridescent light in his works through the use of whites and blues like no other did.

Although it was his sunny representations of the beach, the landscapes and the traditions of Spain, as well as his skills as a portrait artist, that sealed his fame, Sorolla, who studied in Valencia, Madrid and Rome, became known for his paintings of local life and social content, that is, Valencian costumbrism.

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