L. González

Lorenzo González Sánchez is an experienced artist based in Spain whose paintings have been exhibited nationalwide, as well as in Germany and Portugal. He cites the avant-gardes of history as being of vital importance to his art. Sánchez creates in a contemporary realist style with expressionist nuances and a treatment of free space based on the post-cubist movement.

The artist from Valladolid made his first paintings in 1962, practicing this discipline with whom it would become his main teacher, the painter Miguel Pérez Aguilera (Prado Museum). In 1973, Lorenzo Gonzalez established his first shared studio with landscape designer and professor Bolaños in Seville. Soon, he began to exhibit continuously in group exhibitions at the Pabellón Mudéjar in Seville.

In 1981 he moved back to Salamanca, where he combined teaching with painting. Ten years later, symbolism ceased to be a priority in his painting and he began to be more concerned with structures and color. In 1993 he exhibited in the oldest gallery in Salamanca, the Artis gallery, where years later he continued to exhibit individually and collectively. He will also exhibit at the well known Dalmau Gallery in Barcelona, the New York Art Fair, Arte &R in Malaga, etc.


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