J. Seguí

Joseph Segui was born in the Valencian region very close to the sea, which, due to its light and diversity of color tones, will be one of the deep motives of his artistic creation.

Writer, novelist, journalist, art critic and other cultural media, he has traveled much of Europe and Latin America, where he participated in cultural events and chronicled their artistic cultures.

Creator of Collages, Mail Art, Installations, Ready-Mades Performances and Objects d’Art, he mounted the exhibition “Duchamp Its Here”, a tribute to Marcel Duchamp, at the Cultural Center of Alcoy. Upon his return from New York, his artistic work is focused on Lyrical Abstract Expressionism and Action styles.

He has participated in group exhibitions in Barcelona, Valencia, Alcoy; Paris (France); Venice, Bologna, Rome (Italy), Munich (Germany); Craiova (Romania); Djakarta (Indonesia); Montevideo (Uruguay). He has also had solo exhibitions in La Rochelle and Châtelaillon (France), where he discovers the shades of the gray color of the Atlantic and the red and green ray in the sunsets over the sea.

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