J. M. Tos

Master craftsman Manolo Tos, Valencian painter born in Manises, cradle of ceramic artisans.

He studied artistic ceramics at the prestigious School of Ceramics of Manises where he began his career with the decoration of pieces, both in ceramics and porcelain at low temperature. Later he will dedicate himself to painting murals on tiles at high temperature with water-based techniques, which will lead him to his highest public recognition.

He belongs to the generation of ceramic painters who in the 80’s broke with the artisan tradition of 18th century painting, thus innovating with Valencian genre paintings and decorative themes. They adapted their decorations to new times but without forgetting the artisan and traditional character that has given so much fame to Manises ceramics, making it accessible and attractive worldwide.

He has exhibitions and works spread all over the world and his works have been contracted by public and private institutions.

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