I. Trelis

Ignacio Trelis is a contemporary Valencian artist. Deeply inspired and attracted by the Spanish school of Rome and by the artistic currents of the 19th and 20th century, characterised by the luminist realism.
His studies and research on techniques and artistic models, as well as the search for new ideas drive him to create his own personal and unique style.

He began his career as a talented landscape painter. In the 80’s he began to exhibit his work all over Spain. His travels around the world allow him to come into contact with other cultures, which can be noticed in his fascinating paintings.

His work is eminently characterized by the most realistic figurativism but they also show certain abstraction in the backgrounds.

Throughout the artist’s career, his work has been exhibited in multiple museums and institutions around the world, and it is distributed in private collections in Europe, USA and Japan.

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