A. Muñoz

Alfonso Muñoz, carver and self-taught painter, born in Yecla (Murcia) in 1957.

His sensitivity for rural, bullfighting and religious characters stands out. His Byzantine technique reflects the painter’s own style.
He is recognized for his restoration work on numerous churches and chapels with polychrome wood and icon paintings.

In his hometown he began the carving of the “Trono de la Virgen de las Angustias de Salcillo”.
He also has a wide range of still lifes to his credit. He also creates illustrations and book covers.

He won several prizes in the “Concurso nacional de carteles de la Pasión” and “Concurso de pintura rápida al aire libre”.
His exhibitions are numerous throughout the national geography, although he has been recognized mainly by his works based on oil canvas, his wood carvings and polychromies in churches.

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