Entre naranjos (B. Ibáñez, 1900)

Exclusive collection of 10 ceramic plates

Work: Representation of the novel “Entre naranjos” published in 1900.

Technique: Artistic ceramics

Author: J.M. Tos

Dimensions: 30x30cm

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Exclusive collection of 10 ceramic plates hand painted by master craftsman J.M. Tos representing some of the literary works of the Valencian writer Blasco Ibáñez.

Representation of a scene from the famous novel “Entre Naranjos” published in 1900. It is a woman’s love story inserted in a novel of bossism and tyranny.
Framed within his cycle of Valencian novels, in 1926 it was taken to the big screen, although the film was distributed under the name of El torrent (The torrent). This film was directed by Monta Bell and starred a very young Greta Garbo.
In 1998, the Spanish channel La 1 TVE broadcast the TV series Entre naranjos, an adaptation of the novel by Blasco Ibáñez.

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