Bathing at La Granja (J. Sorolla, 1907)

Exlusive collection of 2 ceramic trays

Work: Representation of Joaquín Sorolla’s oil painting “El Baño en la Granja” (1907).

Technique: Artistic ceramics

Author: J.M. Tos

Dimensions: 26x46cm

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Exclusive collection of 2 hand-painted ceramic trays by master craftsman J.M. Tos, paying hommage to the greatest works of the Valencian impressionist painter.

Bathing at La Granja is an oil on canvas painted in the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, currently preserved in the Sorolla Museum in Madrid. It was painted during the summer of 1907 on the occasion of one of the trips of the painter and his family to San Ildefonso where Sorolla had been commissioned to paint the portrait of Alfonso XIII in hussar uniform.

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